Roadrunner F2

Roadrunner F2

Front fitment tyre designed with nine cross siped circumferential grooves to give superb stability and grip particularly in the wet.

Made from A30 race compound for superb grip in all conditions

The F2 compliments the R2 and GP rear tyres.

Tyre size RecRim Rim width Range Section Width Overall width Overall Diameter Static Loaded Radius Rev Per
min max mm ins mm ins mm ins mm ins mile km
90/90H18 F2 MT2.15 - - 86 3.4 86 3.4 625 24.6 300 11.8 853 530
90/90H19 F2 MT2.15 - - 88 3.5 86 3.4 646 25.4 311 12.2 823 512


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