Drag racing

Please note that at this time Avon Tyres Motorsport is unable to sell any Micky Thompson drag racing tyres due to the 2010 EU regulation regarding the use of clean oils in the production of tyres. See the letter from Micky Thompson below.


The European Union (EU)* has enacted legislation stating no tires can be sold or used in their countries that were not produced with “clean oil”. This legislation only applies to tires produced after January 1, 2010.  It also applies to any vehicle that travels at speeds in excess of 15 MPH, including race cars and motorcycles.

We have always advised our domestic customers that they cannot sell our products outside of the United States due to existing distribution agreements, potential importation requirements and restrictions. In some cases consumers in those countries would buy 2 or 4 tires for their own personal use from mail order companies in the US. This is also not permitted due to the aforementioned.

We have discontinued selling all race tires in the EU and are limiting all other sales to only those tires that are produced with clean oil.

There will be substantial penalties imposed on any company that sells or allows sales of non compliant tires.

We expect a lot of demand for non compliant tires over the coming months and want to enforce the fact that we do not authorize any sales of non compliant tires to these countries. If you get involved in litigation, we will not be available as a defense resource.


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