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Avon Tyres Motorsport actively supports SAE Formula Student program which challenges Universities and Colleges around the world to design and build a single-seat race car to race against each other in endurance, handling and speed tests. We offer teams specific tyres at discounted prices and a detailed tyre data package which includes spring rates, cornering force and self aligning torque data. This technical information can be found in our download resource section.

We offer teams four sizes of slick tyres that have been specifically designed for the requirements of a Formula Student car. Tyres are available in super soft A92 compound which is proven to be effective.  Note:- Previous years we offered teams A45 compound but this is now no longer in production, A92 is slighty harder then A45.

These sizes are:

Size Options Weight Data available
6.0/16.0-10 Slick and Wet 3.4KG No
7.0/16.0-10 Slick and Wet 3.5KG No*
6.2/20.0-13 Slick and Wet 5.2KG Yes
7.2/20.0-13 Slick and Wet 5.7KG Yes
8.2/20.0-13 Slick and Wet 5.6KG Yes

*-Data for the 7.0/16.0-10 and additional data for the 6.2/20.0-13,7.2/20.0-13 and 8.2/20.0-13 can be accessed through the FSAE Tyre Test Consortium -

Note - All weights are total theoretical material mass of the tyre, there will be slight differences as the tyres are all handmade so will have slight variations  

6.2 and 7.2 are the most popular for 6" and 7" wide wheels .

To qualify for Formula Student discount, team orders must be received on headed university paper and sent to Avon Motorsport either by Fax +44 (0)1225 707443 or email: Please contact us for latest prices or if you require a proforma invoice.

We hold limited season stock and where available ship overnight within the UK, however please allow a minimum of 6 weeks for guaranteed manufacture.


Some examples of teams that are using Avon Motorsport tyres for their FSAE challenge


Team Logo Team name
FSAE Team Sussex Logo UK - Team sussex
UK - University of Liverpool Motorsport UK - University of Liverpool Motorsport
Southampton University Formula Student Team UK - Southampton University Formula Student Team
 Team Tallin Formula Student Team Estonia - Team Tallin 
 Tecnun Motorsport, Tecnun universidad de Navarra Spain  Spain - Tecnun Motorsport
RMIT Racing - RMIT University Australia Australia - RMIT Racing
PolSl Racing - Poland PolSl Racing - Poland
Cardiff University Racing - UK Cardiff University Racing - UK
University of South Wales - UK University of South Wales - UK 
Team sleipnir Logo

University of Reykjavik - Team Slepnir

Formule ETS Montreal



Formule ETS Montreal


Team Amrita Racing

India - Team Amrita Racing

Formula Buckeyes

The Ohio State University - Formula Buckeyes

Louisville University

University of Louisville - Speed FSAE

Team Hare

University of Huddersfield - Team Hare

Formula URJC





Universidad Rey Juan Carlos - Formula URJC



Hytech Racing



Georgia Institute of Technology - Hytech Racing


Team Octane Racing

Team Octane Racing - India

GT Motorsport



Gujarat Technological University - GT Motorsports

DTU Denmark

Technical University of Denmark - DTU Denmark

Team Bath Racing

University of Bath - Team Bath Racing
UVigo Motorsport Universidad De Vigo - UVigo Motorsport - Spain

Universitas Indonesia








Universitas Indonesia

Road Arrow Serbia

University of Belgrade - Road Arrow
Fenix Racing Brazil UNESP Brazil - Fenix Racing



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